Publishers and Authors


Reception of applications January-March

How to apply?

1. In what form should the application from the nominator be?

The form is free, in which the nominator, nominated author, title of the book, publisher / magazine, issue, number of pages, year of publication must be clearly indicated. The letter must contain a signature and contact details. You can send the scan by email.

2. Should 6 copies be mailed to Yasnaya Polyana?

Yes, send to the address that you see in the Contacts section. If you do not have 6 copies, the missing ones can be replaced with printed copies.

3. Where to send the application and the electronic version of the work?

An electronic application and an electronic version of the book can be sent to , the original application can not be sent, quite a scan.

4. Is self-nomination possible?


5. Are poetic works accepted?


6. How do I know that the application has been accepted?

Your application will be assigned a number and will be informed in the reply email that it has been accepted

award regulation

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